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Our Vision

Vision Statement

To be the most relevant and valuable consulting firm with simplified operational system


Our Mission

Mission Statement

To engage in training, consulting, partnering and to provide basic healthcare information needs, business developments services, and technology for individual, private, government and non- governmental organization through a genuine delivery on our mandate


Our Core Values

Core Values

We believe in diligence with enthusiastic approach to service delivery at all cost


Our Services

Why Choose Us

  • Improved Product and Services

    Consulting & Training, General Contract & Supplies, Merchandise & Trading, Public Relation & Marketing, Import & Export of general goods, Recruitment & Personnel Development, Procurement & supply.

  • Quality Policy & Objectives

    We are committed to ensuring optimum performance with high level of dignity towards our customers, friends and associate both within and outside.

  • Business Model

    Our model lies on both online and offline service delivery where every activities of the company are de-centralized based on the needs of our customers and the prospective clients. Our office is open 24/7 to ensure proper and smooth service delivery at all cost.

  • Business Competitiveness

    Our competitive advantage lies on the integrity and honesty, consultancy with high professionalism to meet the global standard. We also leverage on our experiences as a corporate body to deliver on our mandate.

  • Service Pledge

    We are obliged to service you well at all cost, and it’s our pledge to see you smiling no matter what!

  • Value Chain

    Our activities will encompasses every necessary ingredient in delivery on our mandate from inbound logistic, sound operational systems, outbound, marketing & sales to qualitative service delivery. Hence, the influence of technology to enhance the smooth operation of the company to the level of procurements.

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Matmos Connects You To Immediate Care Facilities That Provide Quick Care and Relief

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It is the people who make Matmos what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our
staff. We all work together to help our clients get the best of our solutions.

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