Most business today lacks substance because they have no clue to what the needs are. In fact, we have been bombarded with series of advertisement both on the traditional and social media. No directional model to portray any marketing mix. We are gradually failing and falling prey of foreign goods and products, despite the efforts of the government to encourage made-in-Nigeria products at least to discouraged our dependence solely on foreign goods.
Many developed country of the world have since redesigned and restructured their economy through policies which have impacted their citizens, and one could really ascertain these considering their level of commitment to the government’s decisions. No wonder they are always preferred above others in terms of development, infrastructure, good governance and economy.
Thus, decision-making play a vital role in ensuring a proactive measure especially, on economy. No business can thrive without good policy that will sustain the economy. We have experienced lots of plans and economic model which was articulated as the best policy then but its now a total misplacement of priority and a waste of time and resources.
Since Nigerian independence, we have been struggling to set a standard for our economic development with several policy. While our professors at the University have also articulated and propounded different economy model to assist our Nation from this challenges. In fact, Nigerian have produced several erudite professors and scholars in economy while the country still remain backwards. What a disgraced?
Nevertheless, our pathway to economic development that will see the light of the day needs a robust approach and synergy for sustainability. Every sector have its economic potentials but without good policy and directions we might find it difficult to survive. Building an infrastructure to enable our economic to thrive is very good. Repositioning our electricity is also one of the major ingredients to economic development. Fighting corruption is also an indication that we are in the path to greatness.
Meanwhile, we have abandoned seasonal training to empowered the entrepreneur because without them we might end in destroying the infrastructure development of the Nation. Entrepreneur drive the economy either directly or indirectly. Capacity building is a must for any Nation that will survive economy challenges. Entrepreneur needs friendly policy to drive the economy. How many policy have we formulated to strengthen our economy through people’s oriented program?
Unemployment can’t disappear if the economy is bad and economy policy can’t survive without necessarily infrastructural development. Entrepreneur need to drive the economy if government will creates an enabling environment. We must also enforce made-in Nigeria products to sustain and encourage Nigerian own products through good policy and legislation. Our economy can’t survive if we continue to patronise imported products. No amount of economy model will deliver us from this challenges if will continue to embraced foreign products instead of made-in Nigerians own.
However, the complicated business model lies on our approaches to economic survivals which have made several people to run a business without considering the needs of its targets audience. Nigeria is a good market for any kind of business. Yes! But we need to understand the want or needs before bombarding us with unsolicited products. We are not a dumping refuse where different kinds of unwanted things could be dump. No! Don’t take us for granted.
We need stringent legislation and policy to check the imported products if its meet the standard or not. Its a call to ensure our borders are safe from unwanted products that have turn our country in to dumping refuse. No Nation can survive economy revolution without border policy on importation. Our border needs Synergy with economy policy, hence we risk total backwardness in our economy model.
I advocate for genuine transformation of our economy policy to allow made-in Nigeria to thrive. We must also place more priority on Nigerian and its products. Ensure infrastructural development to create more jobs for the people. We are not lazy rather, we are strong, hardworking and patriotic Nigerians.

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